Last post . . . plus awesome book news and giveaway

Sorry I haven't been around recently. The reason is I've decided for now to let my LJ lapse. So this will probably the last post here. :-(

If you'd like to keep up to date with what's happening then I have a blog here and I can be found on twitter @Suzanne_McLeod; on facebook - personal page, author page or both, whichever you prefer to follow :-); on Goodreads; and of course on my website. :-)

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I've been Paperback Prousted (hopefully not verbing up too many nouns! *g*) at the lovely Paperback Dolls! Why not hop on over and find out why I'm sensitive like a princess and how I'd like to die! Plus there's a giveaway too - winner's choice of one of my books! (Int ends Aug 18) Anyone would think I've got a new book coming out soon--- Oh, wait! I have! ;p

And now for the Awesome Book News!!


I have a deal for two new books . . .

*Does the mega (and scary to small children and neighbours) HAPPY DANCE*

Here's the press release from my fab agent's (John Jarrold) website


Gillian Redfearn, Gollancz Editorial Director, has acquired World Rights to two supernatural thrillers by Suzanne McLeod. The agent was John Jarrold.

The titles offer an exciting new twist to the Spellcrackers.com series, set in London, but the details are currently being kept under wraps for now and will remain so until closer to publication. Speaking about the deal, Gillian said ‘We’re really thrilled with this new proposal from Suzanne McLeod. Her characters are warm and engaging, their relationships zing, her magic is clever and her London is beautifully evoked. The Spellcrackers novels are perfect for fans of Kim Harrison and Karen Marie Moning, and I think (when we share it!) readers will share our excitement about these novels.’ 

And that is all I can tell you! Like it says - sort of - the rest is secret! Sorrrrry! *apologetic smile while zipping lips* :-)

Huge, HUGE thanks to Gillian (I HEART my editor! BIG TIME! *g*), John and all at Gollancz!!

*celebratory cupcakes and bubbly for all*

And don't forget to there are more chances to win one of my Spellcrackers books (click on the links below - go on, you know you want to *bats eyelashes*) including The Shifting Price of Prey which is out in 14 - count 'em - FOURTEEN - days time on Aug 30 (UK) *draws curtains so as not to terrify neighbours with all the Excited Happy Dancing*

Giveaway and interview at Between Dreams and Reality

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What I've been up to . . .

What I've been up to lately . . . well, obviously not blogging . . . *hangs head in shame*)

But one thing was yesterday's trip to London to Covent Garden Waterstones where awesome urban fantasy author pal Ben Aaronovitch was signing stacks of his fab new book - Whispers Under Ground - the third in his brilliant Rivers of London series. (And there was taste-tastic 'Book Cake' to munch on too! (made by the lovely Jackie of Fabulous Cakes! :-))

Here's Ben with Cake!

Ben and fellow author James Swallow with JK Rowling sneakily getting in on the action behind!

 Oh, and of course, since I was in a bookshop I had to buy books! *g*

The Impossible Dead - Ian Rankin, The Golden Lily - Richelle Mead, Hexed and Hammered - Kevin Hearne.

Then I popped into Gollancz Towers to meet up with my fabulous editor, Gillian (and say hello to the rest of the Gollancz team *waves* :-)) and, since you can never have enough books, liberated a few more from Gillian's well-stocked editorial bookshelves*. *g*

The Armageddon Rag - GRRM, Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh, The Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin, Fenrir & Lord of Slaughter - M.D. Lachlan

And while I was there I bumped into lovely YA author Bethany Griffin (at Gollancz Towers to do a video Q and A which will probably be on the Gollancz/Indigo FB page soon'ish). Bethany was lovingly holding two proof copies of her new book - The Masque of the Red Death - a book I've had my beady reader's eye on for a while - so I fixed her with my 'manic must have that book' stare and she thrust a copy at me while backing away fast I asked her if I could have a copy and she was kind enough to give me one. Even got her to sign it too! :-)

Doesn't she have gorgeous penmanship! My own is more like chicken scratchings *sigh*

And as you can see by its slightly battered appearance I started The Masque of the Red Death on the train home - and I'm LOVING it!

As for what I've been doing when not visiting London, authors, publishers and liberating books . . . I've been busy checking the page proofs* for The Shifting Price of Prey. *inserts obligatory self-promo* Out in paperback and ebook at the end of August (UK)!

So what have you all been up to?

*page proofs are physical copies of how the book will be printed and have to be checked for errors, like typos and weird authorial blips, that have somehow survived the previous million times the book has been read up to this point, in the hope that they can be eliminated from the final copy.
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If you only do one thing today...

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...make sure that ALL Geeks can get married if they want to!

*Boosted from la_marquise_de_ as she says it way better than me.

Dear UK Flisters,

I know I'm preaching to the choir with you guys when it comes to LGBT equality, but believing something is fair and actually getting off your bum and doing something about it doesn't always follow like it should. So here's a little (and slightly preachy) reminder!!

Three things I'd like you all to do before you go to bed tonight (if you haven't already)

1/ Go here and sign the C4EM's petition for marriage equality. This is the simplest and probably most visible way to show your support. It currently has 60,000 signatures -- the petition against (by C4M) has over 500,000!!!

2/ Go here and fill out the government's consultation. It might take a little bit longer, but you can bet that for every pro-person who doesn't find the time, there will be dozens of 'anti' people who will.

3/ Email your MP. There's a handy template there for you to use so you don't even have to think of what to say. Also, you can go here to see where your MP stands on the issue. A hugely important thing to do because the majority of MPs will be voting with their conscience rather than following the party line, so make sure you let yours know your feelings.

4/ Okay, so I lied. There's actually a fourth thing. And that is simply spread the word. The consultation ends in two day - it's our last chance to get as many people mobilised as possible. So tweet it, Facebook, blog it, beat your friends and family around the head with it until they give in!!! And if you want to repost to your own journal (and please feel free to edit), here's an ever-so helpful button


The Rack!

I have been interrogated, err, interviewed on the Rack over at On Fiction Writing here! Where I talk about to agent or not, ebooks and Elmore Leonard's writing rules!

In other (belated) blogging the SuperMoon viewing was a wash out thanks to heavy cloud cover. :-( But I did get a pic the next night (still rather blurry since there was only slightly less heavy cloud cover). What the pic doesn't show, was that the moon was super huge and much closer than usual (obviously, it lived up to its SuperMoon name *g*)

And, just for fun, here's some fox cub cuteness!


Summoning the Night! (giveaway)

Happy Release Day to the lovely Jenn Bennett for

Summoning the Night

The fabulous Book 2 in the Awesome Arcadia Bell urban fantasy series!

Yay! Congratulations, Jenn!

And look! When Mr Postman brings me my copy, 'Put-Upon Hound' will pose with it just like this! *g* (Yep, the pic's 'shopped ;p)

"So, how do you know book 2 is fabulous?" I hear you ask.

"Why, because I've already read it, of course!" :-D

When Jenn's first book - Kindling the Moon - came out, I bought it, read it, LOVED it (Hound not so much, but hey, if it's not food, she's just that not into it *shrug*) then I stalked Jenn until she gave me suggested to Jenn that if she had a copy of Summoning the Night finished I'd be thrilled to read it. My nefarious plotting worked She said yes! Yay! And I can tell you, if you liked Kindling (and Cady, Lon (*fans herself*) and the adorable Jupe!), then you're gonna LOVE Summoning, which has lots more of all three, plus a super-cool story!

So in celebration of Summoning's release day and to spread the reading love I'm giving away a copy! Woot! (Full details at end of post).

But that's not all!

If the winner hasn't read Kindling (and is OCD like me likes to read a series in order) then they'll get both books. Or if the winner has read Kindling they can choose a different book from one of my fav authors (see below: includes me ... *g*).

So what do you have to do for a chance to win these two fabulous books?

Simply tell me in the comments what's been your favourite read, so far, this year!
(Full giveaway rules and details below the cut)

So what are you waiting for? Go leave a comment and enter!
Here's a fun guest post Jenn did about authors' mothers for the blog last year (with added - unsanctioned - Buffy!) *looks innocent*

Check out Jenn Bennett's website
Jenn on twitter
Jenn's facebook page

SUMMONING THE NIGHT: Arcadia Bell Book 2 (Available now! Yay!)


After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal. Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons. She’s gearing up for the busiest day of the year—Halloween—when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community. The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she’s dating red-hot Lon Butler, the club’s wayward son, she can hardly say no.

Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty-year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members’ children. But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady’s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers—and she’d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.

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Romantic Times Convention + Game of Thrones!

I will be at Romantic Times in Chicago* for the next week!Yay! Hugely looking forward to going and to seeing/meeting-in-the-flesh all my US friends.

I'll be there from the Tuesday to the Sunday - and will be appearing as below - otherwise I will be most easily found in the bar! So if you're about then do please say hello! I don't bite*, honest! *g*

The Romantic Times Booklovers Convention 2012 - Chicago.
April 11 - April 15 2012

Saturday Author Signing

Seven Minutes in Urban Fantasy Heaven
Join us for the most intense urban fantasy hour ever. Authors will find their funniest, most romantic or most action-packed scenes … and have just seven minutes to read them aloud to you! You’ll get a whirlwind trip of different creatures, styles and characters — as well as the chance to win books from all of the participating authors.

Moderator: Richelle Mead
Panelists: Lynda Hilburn, Suzanne McLeod, Kristin Painter, Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells!

I was at Eastercon in London on Saturday and had a fabulous time*. I managed to say hello to lots of wonderful folk, though also managed not to spend as much time as I wanted to with anyone, and sadly missed some altogether - the perils of only going for one day :-(. And numpty that I am, I didn't realise my camera battery had almost discharged itself from the last time I took pics. *slaps self* But I did manage the requisite 'Game of Thrones' pictures* (under the cut)! *g*

Collapse )
* I'm in Panic Packing Mode right now!! *flails* But I will endeavour to blog* all about it when I return ...  Yep, I know, I'm a bad blogger - *hangs head in shame* I blame the bad back/copyedit/day job combo *will try harder* ;p
* cameras scare me!
*Huge thanks to the Eastercon committee, they did an absolute awesome job organising everything.

Escaping the Writing Cave for The Black Stuff and The Kraken!


Yes, I know, I've been a bit quiet recently, but I've been deep in the Writing Cave with The Shifting Price of Prey #4 (and sometimes with #5, The Hidden Rune of Iron - but don't tell book 4 I've been cheating on it *g*). I actually think TSPOP has been the hardest book to write (but then, I think that about all of them . . . when I'm writing), but this has definitely been the loooooongest book to write, for sure. And the saddest*, in that some very cool characters got the chop from the first draft. *sob* But fear not, for they are currently Livin' La Vida Loca* on the sunloungers by the pool, knocking back the mojitos and itching for their very own story. One day. :-D

But I am escaping the Writing Cave this next week! Yay!

First up is DUBLIN where I'm going to the wonderful Phoenix Convention.

11.00 Saturday: I'm doing "Just A Minute" with the fabulous Sarah Pinborough, the legendary Robert Rankin and the awesome John Connolly. Yep, with those three, so we all know how that one's going to go - I am so dead - especially after listening to myself talk the other night! Hesitation, Deviation and Repetition? I'm an expert at all three! So if you're about, come see them slaughter me, err, sorry, all the FUN *g*

16.00 Sunday: I'm on the panel "Internet Piracy and the Erosion of Authors’ Rights" with George Green, Oisín McGann, and Juliet E McKenna. Probably a more serious, but definitely very interesting chat this one.

Then I'm escaping again next on Thrusday the 8th from 6pm - 8pm. I'm going to be in LONDON at Blackwell's, Charing Cross for the 

There will be authors! There will be books! There will be readings! There will be mysterious figures from literature, art and film, all eager to deliberate the most classically terrifying works of fantasy and horror. There will be Black Kraken Rum! It will be a wonderful evening full of chat about, well, books, films, art, rum and the Gothic! Which will, of course, include Vampires! *g*

Hope to see you there, if you're about!!

And now I've earwormed you all with Ricky Martin . . . Sláinte!

* No other reason, so don't panic. Well, okay, maybe another reason, but hey, no spoilers here! Right?
* aka my laptop! What? I'm a writer! I'm supposed to have an imagination! *g*

Malik and Finn Avatars!


The AWESOME Che Gilson has made these FANTABULOUS Spellcrackers avatars for Finn and Malik!


Woooooot!! Don't you just love Malik's cool eyes! And Finn's hawt horns! *g*

Only sadness (for me anyway), is choosing which one to use first . . . Malik . . . Finn . . . Malik . . . Finn . . . Damn it! How to choose? *Why, yes, I do love all my characters equally* ;P

So, there are two sizes- nice big 350 dpi jpegs you can use on the web and little avatars for places like message boards and LJ. They are the standard 100x100 72 dpi jpegs.  And Che is super generous, as the icons and avatars are free for anyone to use!

Che lives here on Live Journal and here on DeviantART! Go see, she has some fabulous art.Hey, and if you do use them, which would be really cool, let me know in the comments, so I can come and stalk my characters! *looks shifty*

HUGE THANKS Che!! I heart you!! Wow! I am so lucky to have the most wonderfully talented friends!

Images can also be found here on my blog and on the extras page on my website.

Beta Readers Wanted!

ETA: Beta Reader/s Found! If you think you might be up for beta reading next time around, then either email me or leave a comment here, so I can contact you then. Thank you!

Beta Reader/s Wanted!

The Shifting Price of Prey is 'finished'*, and, as the title says, I'm looking for a beta reader or two. *looks hopeful* :-)

So, if you're happy to beta read and get an early sneek peek then please send an email* to suzannemcleod@spellcrackersdotcom - remember to replace dot with a . (gotta foil the spammers ;p), and put 'Beta Reader' in the subject line.

Who/what I'm looking for:

Someone who has read the first three books
Someone who hasn't read any of the books*
What you think and feel as you read the book, and whether the overall plot hangs together for you as a reader
And some other minor points: I'll give more specific details in my reply

What I'm NOT looking for:

Someone to critique every line.
Someone to fix typos*

Timescale: Can you read it overnight? . . . Okay, just kidding there . . . Maybe. *g* Can you have it read and comments back by March 7? Then that works for me :-).
Note: manuscript will be sent in Word, and book is long - The Bitter Seed of Magic is 120,000 words. The Shifting Price of Prey is 157,000 words, so yep, looooong. But full of awesome :-D

If you've beta read for me before, either this book or one of the others, and you're willing to read again (and if you are, then you're an absolute saint! I <3 you!), then let me know. [Book now has NEW scenes with a certain vampire! *hints* *g*)

Examples of previous Beta comments:

"Dread filled my heart as I realised what she was going to tell me; Marc, the boy, no, not boy, man since he was at least my age, who’d been hitting on her for the last few weeks had finally asked the ‘date’ question." Heh! How did she know? Well ok maybe it was bound to happen, but when I read this I read it as if she already KNEW, not guessed. Like someone had told her or something.

[section]This section feels choppy. It’s hard to follow what’s going on in it.

" . . .something that lit a fuzzy idea in the back of my mind, but before it could fully form . . ." Hmm, what was the fuzzy idea? I don’t remember if we ever found out what it was that considering [redacted for spoiler] triggered in her mind.

"I slowly peeled away the sludgy poultice. Katie watched out of worried eyes" Bit awkward thing to do in front of an audience, no?

"‘It is a tempting offer, Genevieve. Thank you. But no.’"I don’t understand his refusal. Wouldn’t she be curious why he won’t?

These are all great comments, as they show me where I haven't been clear enough in the writing to convey whatever it is I wanted to convey, or the characters aren't acting/reacting as the reader expects them to.

So, interested? Then go email me! :-D

A HUGE thank you to anyone who does offer to beta read. And if you do beta, then I'd be delighted to include your name in the acknowledgements (if you're happy for me to), and send you a signed copy of the finished book and a small something as a thank you. :-)  

*Hah! Finished here is relative - the story is done, as it is now is pretty much how it will be when published, so there will be no big changes. But there will be lots of smaller changes to things like dialogue, minor clues etc. And the book is still to go through editorial line comments and copy edits. This means there will be clunky sentences/paragraphs, typos and other weird stuff. If that bothers you, then beta reading is probably not for you :-)

*I'm only looking for a couple of beta readers, so please don't be offended if I don't choose you this time round. :-)

*Obviously, this is book 4, reading it will spoil the first three books, as they are a series. However, the books all have a self-contained story - i.e. the murderer is unmasked, so can be read as stand alones, to a degree. But they also have an overarching plot, and continuous character/relationship story archs, so, again obviously, a new reader will have to take some story points on faith, and might find some things confusing.